Congressman Massie has been one of my favorites for years. He just keeps getting better and better. Very sound thinker and speaker. Well done, as always.

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Well Done Mr. Massie, Well done !!!

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What needs to be addressed is how we ever got to that point in the first place?

The US Constitution was thrown out the window.

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So good!!!

Thank you for the video.

Too bad no one of the legislators said that in 2020, when it was obvious, prima facie, what was going to happen. (Yes, it was obvious, as all the censored people prove with their accusatory glaring at everyone who now pretends to not having been a coward and a collaborationist of the mass-culling, which they even dare to deny, bunch of salamander-fuckers)

Cultish thinking is a weapon of mass destruction.

Massie is very bad on patents, but other than that he is the second coming of The Great Ron Paul, who is still alive and healthier than 99% of the American population of all age-ranges. Just how many miracles has that man performed in his life?

The whole covid thing is a lie. Many libertarians and conservatarians liberaltardatarians and progressiveturdarians and i-like-to-steal-money-for-nationalistic-and-cool-space-programs-that-are-militaristic-and-scammy-as-hell-and-totally-useless-beltwaytarians fell for it, like idiots and supported the neofascist regime, because many of those sons-of-bitches are moral nihilists and have no conscience at all.

The silver lining is that now we know who are the idiots, and the bads, and the uglies.

But even in the group of idiots, some libertarians ALWAYS defended the fundamental right to bodily integrity, and reminded us that rights exist precisely for emergencies (real or fake) and must be defended above all. These are really, not rhetorically, against all forms of salvery. Which is important and won't be forgotten.

Now, why some perpetuate the lie? One possibility is the most common flaw among humans: pride. Some doctors will never admit they were moosed. Another possiibility is political strategizing. I don't know how there are rebel doctors who still want to go back to the corrupt system of politicized medicine. Another posibility is that they are double agents.

I don't care at this point. Truth will be imposed on them like a hurricane imposes its will on all human constructions.

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