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Congressman Thomas Massie Obliterates Vaxx Mandate Against Healthcare Workers

There is literally no valid argument to mandate ANYONE, especially healthcare workers.

The House of Representatives is very different than it was a year ago. Back then, any notion of ending vaccine mandates was shuffled into a memory hole. Anyone who opposed them was dismissed as an anti-vaxxer. Today, we may be seeing progress. Finally.

On Tuesday, Congressman Thomas Massie gave a speech explaining the reasons the vaccine mandate against healthcare workers must end.

"I rise in support of this resolution because it would facilitate the passage of HR 497, the Freedom for Healthcare Workers Act," he said. "What does that bill do? It ends the unscientific, illogical, immoral, unconstitutional, unethical vaccine mandate on healthcare workers that is predicated on lies."

He listed the five predicates for the mandate that turned out to be lies:

  • The vaccine prevents spread

  • The vaccines don't cause any harm

  • The mandates are scientific

  • Natural immunity should be ignored

  • Nobody's liable for the damage the mandate can cause

As he put it, "We're living under medical malpractice martial law right now under the PREP Act and the EUAs."

He concluded by dropping the ultimate truth bomb. "This is the epitome of hypocrisy. Nobody in this room was mandated to take a vaccine, and we're voting on whether we're going to force people who want to take care of people whether they have to take the vaccine."

Here's the video via Twitter:

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Discern Report
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