It just amazes me that these athletes are dumb enough to take the clot shot.

What more evidence do anyone need to know to stay away from the poison.

Every web site I visit has people dropping dead, every day. It seems athletes are the hardest hit.

Thanks Bill Gates, you sick killer.

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Not quite so black and white. Many people had the unfortunate choice of no employment if the didn't get jabbed. You will see whole sectors of the economy suffer from critical shortages of people like nurses, airline pilots, and, yes even soldiers. If you wanted a perfect way to cripple a country from within you would be hard pressed to find a better, easier solution.

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And especially cripple the defense of a country by forcing the same bioweapon on them. DARPA after all has been looking into these types of bioweapons for years. Ukraine has a few of “our” labs for some strange coincidence too.

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They didn't just get jabbed. It could have been a year ago. I remember early on doctors saying it could be anywhere from a year to 5 years before people that die immediately started dropping.

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Do we know with absolute certainty she got the shot? The arrogance of those who immediately jump to that conclusion in every single case is wearing thin.

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The emergency authorization must be ended, so DOD loses power

Since 2013, the USA department of defense, the pentagon, planned for cover up of “vaccine”.


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Terribly sad that it takes repeatedly disturbing news of young athletes suddenly dying, especially when they possess physical fitness and strength many can only dream of having.

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Jan 8, 2023·edited Jan 8, 2023

Used to listen to a radio show by a guy that runs from 9 to 12 everyday

When he refused to talk about the shots and adverse effects, now deaths, I abonded ship

Alex Jones and the whole crew at infowars and banned.video are better

Alex is really rough to listen to at first some people say, give him a chance though

Good insights and guests who speak the truth unfiltered

Wake people up before it is too late, if there even is time left?

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He’s been speaking truth for many years. His delivery is rough but he’s been 99% accurate in the years he’s been on air.

I believe that’s also why they are trying to bankrupt him right now. Proxy attack using another group to do so.

Look back at it older footage and he warned about the globalists.

Many of these same war and banking families still continue to back the horse they want to win the race . (Both Left and right of congress).

Since the 1970s (Kissinger and crime syndicate) we have had a “Facade of freedom”

When you read how he wanted population reduction and more it is horrifying and disgusting that someone like him would be given such power in ANY office

Our present politicians and especially Obama and Biden and even Trump with Warp Speed and advocating the clot shot - have allowed our protective laws to be passed in their favor using executive orders, stripping away little by little all our constitutional rights - even our autonomy. Now is the time to say no more. If we do and say nothing, we will be living in a Marxist dictatorship before we know it. The WHO is trying to become the world health gateway who will dictate the future shots and have the power to control ALL governments. They are compromised as BIll Gates gives them the majority of the money for their budget. He is UNtrustworthy is many ways. George Soros another sleezey human also used to give them loads of money. These prospectors don’t give out of the goodness of their dark hearts.

Please make sure to contact your congressman and local reps and tell them to reject the WHO’s treaty coming up again around May for final acceptance.


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With all the adverse news regarding the sudden spike in unexplained deaths among young, otherwise healthy people, there's not a drug store one can enter that does not advertise and promote a free CV vaccine. There's nothing, no common remedy, those bureaucrat nanny's won't deprive you of for the thinnest of reasons 'for your own good'. (mercurochrome, merthiolate, mercury thermometers, etc.,) But they have mandated vaccine poisons with little to no testing, that are damaging and killing millions of people. It's mass murder.

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The people behind this are no different than serial killers and terrorists in mindset

They just have enormous wealth and prestige

Guy makes a virus in a university lab - they call it science

Guy makes a virus in a cave in a third world country - they call him terrorist

There is no difference, it is all evil and should be treated as such

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