A few of these doctors need a class action lawsuit against CVS first and then any other large chain companies usurping their ROLE to just process what the dr tells them to.

This is the only way to change THEIR corrupt behavior acting as enforcers of Marxist political left.

Then once there is one win in the courts, it sets a precedent and they can go after the other bullies like Walgreens and whoever else.

Class actions are cheaper than individual cases but just as effective.

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Just sharing observations: I have a treasure chest of everything to treat covid, from the basics of HCQ and Ivermectin to nasal iodine spray, iodine gargle, to a variety of recommended antibiotics to inhalers should it settle in the lungs. It worked 2 years ago when everyone in the family came down with covid. All unvaxxed. This week My adult daughter got Covid. Fever-aches-headache-with the next wave of abdominal pain and diarrhea. Start to finish the illness lasted 7 days--she lost 8 ibs. Went to an IV Nutrition place on day 5 for fluids. Nothing in my arsenal of medicine seemed to impact the illness. She is back on her feet now. Did the meds shorten the duration? We’ll never know but I’m guessing not.

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Are you saying your 'meds' didn't work?

Maybe different factors with her not considered?

Like, if she had a toxic food diet (SAD) and her body could not handle it?

All food is poisoned with Glyphosate on the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Most 'organic' food producers (big corporations) using the same chemical on the SOIL and that's seems to be approved by the Organic board....about 3-4 years ago.

Question: Where does plant gets its food?

Answer: Soil.

There is one possible answer.

I chose small farms who is REALLY organic and not using Glyphosate .

anything in the supermarket is NOT organic, even if it says so.

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Any recommendations for non glyphosate organic OATS?

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Oh, my... The Oats was found to contain more pesticide than anything else.

Next on the list was strawberry and other berry products.

I was reading a lab who tested all the plant foods, and it was based on their measurements.

It's an independent lab and has no bias one way or another. One other lab you can trust is from the guy who owns a bunch of websites and https://www.brighteon.com among other things. BTW, his products has no Chinese ingredients.... and all his supplies are third party checked for anything that should NOT be in there.

Go his site and ask question(s) and the site may have better answers than I can recollect.


It's a gold standard of real information :)

If anyone on SAD lifestyle (diet) ... should give up the food addiction and get into Ketogenic lifestyle. Carnivore is better but it's not that easy to stay with it. Constipation is a MAJOR issue :)

I am doing KetoVore more meat than necessary (100+ Gram per two meal) 12Hr between meals... need it for fasting.

I cured my incurable cancer in 9 days, but taken me 8 months to find the answer.

(NH.Lymphoma) Due to Round-up chemicals used.

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Thanks!😊👍Yes, I am familiar with Mike Adams, and he seems very credible and scientific with his owning his own testing.equipment.

I didn’t know he sold organic non glyphosate Oats. i checked his site previously and nothing came up.

Did you get yours from him or another source ?

That’s wonderful that you are cured of cancer!!! 👏🏻🎉

Yes, atkins diet (high protein high fat - not healthy fat) caused that issue with the gut. Can you eat some veggies like steamed cubes of zucchini?

They are really good fiber, tasty with a bit of Himalayan salt and a spray of olive oil. AND high in vitamin C which we need to eat each day, as our bodies doesn’t store it.

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Cured my Cancer 7 years ago.... and tried all kinds of diets and Keto is a good start, but all those HEALTHY foods you mentioned... are causing great harm to the gut :)

Sorry, dude... my gut is in really bad shape after taking advice from the medical community and what is healthy or not.

We can discuss this for 20 hours non stop.


After a decade, found top 10 MD's I'd trust, they're on YT and are credible. Following their advice finally got me well. It's a long way to recover.... after 76 years of bad diet (SAD) and eating all the healthy food.

Hey, whatever happened to your Random thoughts project?

I had the same idea, because after 82 years I have plenty of things to talk about.

So I started a weekly or daily pages of; ---Musings of an Old Man----

I may start posting, on webpage shortly.

Writing is creating.. and that creative stuff just not there everyday :)

My style is a mix bag of satire, or satiric story-telling, and a bunch of in between that can't be in a neat category.

It's humor.

Looking back in my life.

May not be any interest for young people because that have no clue what it is being old.

So, if yer old as dirt, then it's for ya :)

You will understand the humor and experienced the same in your life as well.

I can give you my email if there is a private messaging here???

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I have a follow up to my post: I became ill after this original post. I took the ‘standard’ treatment. It was a mild illness of short duration (1 day onset, 1 day fever, 1 day recovery). Same for my teenage granddaughter.

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noting changed.

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