The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology should do more than advise ref myocarditis, but should speak up to refuse these jabs & boosters, especially for young adults. The CDC & FDA approving and pushing these boosters should be ashamed. I cannot wait until these agencies are defunded and cleaned out. Trump spoke about this tonight at the Pray Vote Stand Summit.

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And just like that – hospitals mandate the new boosters that CAUSE 20-30 times more serious injuries than hospitalizations from C19 https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/and-just-like-that-hospitals-mandate?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1032096&post_id=137085253&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=c55mw&utm_medium=email

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Yezzz, makes you wonder what’s really going on ?

Culling? They have the evidence - TONS of it - that the MRNA vax is devastatingly destructive, AND doesn’t stop “the spread” and doesn’t stop those with co-morbidities from dying. (The vaxxed also die MORE than unvaxed)

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My Brother (age 65) died suddenly on September 5, 2023. He called off work sick. He decided to take a nap in the afternoon. His Boss talked to him about 2 hours before he passed. Then his son heard him make a gurgling sound and he couldn't revive him. The paramedics couldn't either. His son made him get the COVID JAB, or he wouldn't let him see his Grandson. He did have some

health issues, but nothing terminal at the time. We believe he died of a massive heart attack.

Thanks CHINA COVID JAB you did a great job destroying our Family. But, whatever it takes I

will avenge you in the end. I hope people remember that C-H-I-N-A has and will continue

killing people in the United States. Why does our Federal Mafia Government continue wasting

taxpayer dollars on killer vaccines? Where are the REPUBLICANS? Why are they doing nothing

about it?

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Sorry for your loss. It’s truly such a dark time in humanity’s history that such evil is working in lockstep together worldwide.

Amazingly China was invited to attend the “simulation of an outbreak of a virus

That was held in New York City (where else…) in October 2019.

China’s CDC director (their Fauci equivalent) attended “Gates of Hell” and Johns Hopkins organized, practice run just 2 months before the “accidental” release of covid in Wuhan.

Amazing…Gates seems to be involved in the WHO , the covid vax, and climate, and stopping the world from eating meat (using cancer cells to grow fake meat in a lab), and everywhere there’s smoke this monster is there.


They practiced “handling of the media” in the EVent 201, the shutting down of travel, you name it.

NEVER accept social credit scores they are going to push, or Vaccine passports or you will be funneled into tyranny BEYOND nightmares.

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Chris....Thanks so much for this important information. Gates is certainly a monster.

Definitely, NO on social credit scores. My husband came from Communist Hungary.

He has nowhere else to go. We are fighting no matter what happens. We don' want

to live in the alternative. Thank YOU so much for your kind words +

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My father in law was born in Budapest!😊

I like the current President on protecting Hungary’s children, faith, family and sovereignty.

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You never know who you will connect with on Substack. That's great. Does your

father-in-law go back for visits to Hungary? We Love Viktor Orban for the same reasons.

:-) +

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Sadly my father in law passed away a few years ago.

My husband wants to visit his cousins there in the future, so we may pop in next time we’re in Europe.😊

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Sorry for your loss. My husband was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his Mother came to US to escape Communism. I am Hungarian, too. I grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Maybe, one day we can visit Hungary, too. Take Care + :-)

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