I like how they glossed over how it is transmitted. This is not an airborne virus. It only transmits through bodily fluids. So not anyone can get it and die from it at any time.

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How about eating contaminated meat.... from Pigs or other animals?

Any idea?

Household pets of dogs and cats can eat those products on sale from infected meats?

Some one should get a domain and publish about this specific virus....

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This virus has been around since 1998-1999, or at least that is when it was first discovered. Not sure what that means, except we haven't heard of widespread decimation of dogs and cats, have we?

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I don't know of any. But it can spread from other animals?

One thing they have not published is that this virus works with body fluid exchange.

So, if you want a Kiss of Death... well, that's a body fluid :)


In that case we maybe OK if consider that.

The two men about the same age in India.... I wonder if that may have been a homo relations?

Nothing is said in the reports and I don't think they'd publish that,

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Thanks. That makes a huge difference.

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Citing the WHO and CDC, in addition to legacy media like Forbes, isn't building the case here. I don't trust any of them. But that may be part of the design of the first stages of our Depopulation Era: Destroy confidence in public health writ large so that warnings such as these about NiV are just about as credible as the vacillating Anthony Fauci. "How convenient!"

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They keep f**king around with these viruses with these scientists doing gain of function studies, this is the result. Worldwide pestilence and death may be what happens if our time is numbered by God. Only He knows. These gain of function experiments need to be totally banned. This virus has been practically dormant for almost 25 years, but now it’s active in a small district of India. Wonder how that happened 🤬🤬

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